The advantages of CSS3

The advantages of CSS3

03 Feb

Using style sheets:

Long before the development of the concept of Cascading Style Sheets to refer to CSS3 colors, fonts, backgrounds, borders, etc. the  HTML-markup was used. But with the introduction of Cascading Style it became possible to ask in a separate style sheet, causing users to have easy and convenient tool. Related to this the another advantage of CSS3 – it is easier to make changes: You can modify individual modules, which after testing are integrated with the overall system.


Differentiation and isolation:

The concept of CSS3 allows you to separate presentation from structure. For example, before heading to indicate the center of the page in Arial bold blue color the HTML-markup was used like this:


<h2 align="center">

  <font color="blue" size="+6" face="Arial">

  <i> Usage of CSS </ i>

  </ Font>

  </ H2>


Such a structure is difficult to manage because markings should be repeated for each entry, wherever necessary, that complicates the work. But the use of cascading style sheets and CSS3 allow you to separate presentation from structure. It is a clear distinction, where the style sheet is determined by the properties and structure of the presentation of the document is defined in the header <h2>. It looks like that:


<h2> Benefits of Cascading style sheets </ h2>


  h2 {

  text-align: center;

  color: blue;

  font: bold "Arial";



The division provides a more efficient and convenient form. Thus, the modular approach helps to develop and maintain the system based on the module, giving great flexibility.


Layout multiple columns:

Module is based on multiple columns (Multi-Column Module)/ It is an important function of CSS3, which allows to place text in multiple columns. The advantage for users is that while reading the text in multiple columns you do not need to scroll up and down and side to side, the text is easy to read, it is not too short lines and, above all, everything can be placed on the same page that layout makes a convenient and economical.


Flexibility in use:

The concept of cascading style sheets allows you to attach information to CSS-style in a separate document or as an attachment within a HTML-document. You can also import multiple style sheets anywhere. Users can specify an alternative style sheets, choosing between them as needed.


Processing of multiple background images:

The lack of CSS2 lay in the fact that an element can have only one background image. In CSS3 this lack has been remedied, and now you have the ability to handle multiple background images for each item.


Finally it is worth noting the restriction of CSS3 - this technology is so far gaining popularity among developers, and is not 100% supported by browsers.