Brief for site development

Brief for site development

17 Mar

The first step in site creation is the filling if of the so called brief – a short questionnaire to define the main parameters of the future project. That’s what the development of the Internet sites starts from.

From one side the brief helps site-developers to find out briefly about all the demands for their work? From the other side the client himself makes up his mind as fo the average value of the site.

The brief for the site development has some general items. Among them are the following:

  • - the type of the site: corporate site, online store, personal site or blog and so on;
  • - the sphere of the functioning of the company;
  • - the aim of the site creation and its main tasks;
  • - if the company has its own style or if it’s necessary to develop/change it;
  • - the target audience;
  • - main parts of the site;
  • - the deadline or recommendable date of putting the project to work;
  • - necessary base modules and functions, for example the articles, the catalogue and the price lists of goods, news-line, photo gallery, search on the site, delivery etc.
  • - some references to the site the design and the structure of which you like and vice versa;
  • - the language(s) of the site;
  • - the existence of the registered site domain and hosting or necessary to obtain them;
  • - who will develop the text and graph filling of the site;
  • - planned frequency of the site update and further support;
  • - the sum of money in average that you plan to invest in the site development;
  • - contact information;

The TT for site development (TT – technical task)
After obtaining the brief the next step is the development of technical task for the site development. This document must include maximum information and agree on all the details of the future project. Only in this case the result will suit both sides. The main points of any technical task for the site development are as follows:

  • - the name of the domain;
  • - the name of the site;
  • - the detailed description of the aim of the site creation;
  • - the volume and the structure of the text, table, and graph information;
  • - the number of the site pages;
  • - the scheme of the site;
  • - The design of the drawings;
  • - general parameters of the site: the background, the size and the type of the point, the colour design, the style and etc.
  • - the deadline of the site development;
  • - the order of the handing over and the receiving of the site;
  • - the necessary of the supporting and the service of the site;
  • - the TT for the site development can also include some additional conditions, which can be discussed separately.

Certainly the TT for the site development isn`t an unchangeable document which has been established forever, on the contrary, our company tries to be here as flexible as possible, so we are always ready to consider all the wishes of our client in the process of our work on the project.