The cost of developing the site

The cost of developing the site

17 Mar

As any product, web site development of a company has a price, which depends on several key components. The cost of developing the site is determined by the complexity of the work of programmers, designers, web designers, and, if it is necessary, the participation of marketers, copywriters and other professionals involved in the project, so it can vary substantially depending on the specific project. The development of a site includes a low price to attract a minimum of staff and the use of simple and common programming techniques and design.

How much does the development of the site cost in our studio
The cost of developing terms of reference depends on the type and complexity of the site and detailed steps required to create it.

Web site design
Visually, the site makes a major contribution to the cost of developing the site. This work is made by a designer and involves not only the possession of the graphic editors, and the individual talent of the performer. At your request we will attract the best artists studios, which may slightly increase the budget for the project. But even with inexpensive web development our staff does the work in a professional manner.

Content Management System
Price development software system is determined by the number of control modules, the ability to control the information content of the resource and other items under the terms of reference.

Layout as HTML-layout, the association with the design of software maintenance is paid separately for each model made.

Domain Registration
Usually, a domain is registered for a period of one year. The price of this service depends on the zone:. Ru,. Com,. Net,. Biz, etc.

Cost of services hosting provider is determined by the required disk space and the ability of using additional services.