When choosing a web application framework for the project it is important to appreciate the advantages of different systems and choose the appropriate one. With many PHP web applications, it can be difficult. Let's compare the two platforms, CodeIgniter and Kohana: both are similar enough to be comparable, and yet different enough to make it difficult to choose one of them.

Launched in 2006, CodeIgniter has become one of the most popular MVC (Model, View Controller) framework applications. If at first CodeIgniter helped spread its speed, but now it is supported by the community prosperity. Kohana was originally based on CodeIgniter, but since Kohana has been  often rewritten, and now there are enough significant differences between them. However, there is the one purpose of these two mechanisms- to simplify the development and provision of security, flexibility and ease of using. Although both structures meet your goals, they do it differently.

The biggest advantage of CI is a huge community of programmers who use CI, which allows you to find information on any project. At mass index can be the answer to almost any question. Another advantage CodeIgniter, resulting from the larger community –the  access to additional libraries.
Another of the great things about CodeIgniter is the documentation that includes not only the user's manual, but a lot of books and videos from the most basic themes (framework CodeIgniter) to, for example, building e-commerce site. Among some of the other virtues are Startup, integrated data validation, a wide range of support functions, the model DB abstraction that provides the  database to query with a few lines of code, and simplicity - CodeIgniter is close to the concept of PHP, so no need for the development of academic knowledge.
Thus, extensive documentation CodeIgniters, a large community of learning and simplicity make this structure one of the best.

Kohana can not boast of a large community and comprehensive documentation. But all of its benefits are directly related to the structure. The most important thing is that it is an object-oriented. Kohana supports only PHP5, while until recently CodeIgniter support  PHP4. But even with the release of CodeIgniter2, which requires PHP5, this structure is still not as object-oriented, as Kohana. CodeIgniter does not have ORM (Object Relational Mapper), and although it is not completely necessary, but in the Kohana ORM is
much easier to work with databases. The package of  features of Kohana was originally more than CodeIgniter. One of the basic criticism Kohana is an  insufficient documentation, but recently the situation has been improved. And, although Kohana is not as nice as CodeIgniters, but for the beginning it is enough.